The Miilukangas Group

In 1967, Anja and Erkki Miilukangas founded Saloisten Putkiliike Miilukangas & Co., which started in the field of HPAC. The operation was gradually expanded to small steel structures and the house building sector. At the end of the 1970s, the company built its own engineering workshop. In 1983, the company form was changed and the company was renamed Miilukangas Ky. Then, operations consisted of the engineering industry as well as installation and construction work. In 1987, the company purchased engineering workshop facilities from Kone Oy in Raahe. Operations at the pipeline coating factory started at Pattijoki in 1993 and the hardening plant started operations in Raahe in 2000. 1 January 2013 saw a change in Miilukangas’s company form, with the new name Miilukangas Oy.

Today, the family company’s contract workshop is the responsibility of Miilumachine Oy; steel service center Miilux Oy; the linepipe business by Miilupipe Oy. The group’s turnover is about 50 million euros and balance sheet also stands at about 40 million euros. The total number of personnel is approximately 200.

Miilux Ltd is a group, which associated companies are Kestotec Oy and Miilux Poland sp. z o.o.


The Miilukangas Group and the partly owned companies:
Miilukangas Oy is a minority shareholder in Rakennus (= building) Miilukangas Oy, and Finnblast Oy, which specializes in jet blowing technology, and Oy SteelDone Group Ltd, which is a company exporting engineering workshop products. The Miilukangas Oy Group and the associated companies directly employ about 300 people and their total turnover in 2017 was about 65 million euros.